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Registration of your Firearm is required in order for the Firearm Title Company to Issue a Firearm Title. When you Register your Firearm with a Firearm Title Company, Firearm Title Company provides the owner with Legal Title ownership in their name. A Firearm Title comes with important benefits:


• Proof of Ownership - Having A Firearm Title Certifies Ownership in your Firearm. In this case, having a Title to your Firearm in your name provides legal proof of ownership of the firearm Having Title to you in your name provides you additional Proof of your Ownership of the Firearm.

• Insurance - A Firearm Title makes it easy to insure your firearm! Provide your Insurance provider of your choice with your Firearm Title and set up a Policy.

• Security - Firearm Title Security in the Proof of Legal Ownership thru Legal Title issued by a Firearm Title Company.

• Collecting and Investing

• Sporting and Hobby

• Self-Defense

• and more!


Why should you title your firearm with firearm title company?

For Proof of Ownership. The Firearm Title issued by Firearm Title Company is Legal Proof of Ownership.